Your baby requires proper nutrition in order to grow strong and healthy. Considering how nutritious dry fruits are, it’s logical to include them in your precious little one’s diet, right?

Healthy Raw Vegan Baby Diet and Lifestyle Tips for a Modern Family 

It is indeed so. However, you need to remember that dried fruits can be rather heavy, so you need to be careful when you start introducing them to your baby. The best time to get your child acquainted with this delicious food is 7-9 months. At this time, you should start including finger foods into the baby’s diet, so dry fruits will fit right in as long as you remember two important precautions:

  • Many dried fruits are coated with sugar syrup that can cause tooth decay and many other problems in babies. Keep this in mind when shopping for this kind of food and buy only sugar-free options, like organic goji berries and Medjool dates.
  • Babies have difficulties with chewing, so dried fruits can present a choking hazard. Always cut them to bite-sized pieces and keep an eye on your child while he or she is eating.

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